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New dance collaboration with Ania Varez

We are developing a duet exploring the concept of “partner dancing”, expanding existing styles to playfully create our own. We have been playing in and out of contact, looping, knotting in slow motion, waltzing together and deconstructing the waltz. Our main questions are: how can we maintain our differences yet insist on dancing together? By sharing this space, are we always in a duet, or can we dance solo in the presence of one another? We are questioning the solo and the duo, both in choreographic and social contexts, to look at the unavoidable interconnection between all people. Inspired by Alice Walker’s provocation, ‘Hard times require furious dancing’.

Previous residencies:

Can You Be My Wingman, January 2023, Hosted by Action Hero at Dartington Arts.
South House, October 2023, Hosted by Karen Christopher and CJ Mitchell.

Upcoming residencies:

S’ALA, Sardinia, October 2024, Hosted by Igor x Moreno.