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Three short stories on song and singing, inspired by research into 18th century execution ballads, traditional keening in Ireland and revivalist folk clubs. Together they make a historical fiction of solo unaccompanied singers across time. These tales place singing as an integral role in society, entwine song with the body and stay close to death and remembering.

1801, Ann, The ballads of York.
1922, Aida, The caoineadh of Ireland.
2018, May, The first folk song of a new folk singer.

Price: £10

Each story is accompanied by a specially designed print by Alex Goodman.

Ann, wood cut print by Alex Goodman.

Some listener responses to these stories from performance readings:

‘illuminating and engaging stories that opened doors to different times, places and emotions’

‘The wonderful writing reminded me of the power of the well crafted sentence.’

‘Delicate thought provoking and beautifully crafted