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F*CK THE HOUSEBAND (2015 - 2016)

F*CK THE HOUSEBAND is a interactive punk performance relay. F*ck the House Band are Hannah Sullivan, Rachael Clerke, Danny Prosser and Jojo McCourt. Between them they have more or less no musical talent whatsoever. In 2015 they had a punk party where they formed bands and played for their friends, it was the most fun they have ever had. They made up some songs including ‘take a look at my bumhole david cameron’, ‘f*ck off it ain’t your birthday anymore’, and the hit classic ‘bananagrams’. So, we do it again, and again, and again and we like you to join in....because WE NEED A NEW BAND, NEW BAND, FUCK THE HOUSEBAND, NEW BAND!


1. Anyone can be in the house band

2. You don’t need to know how to play an instrument



Previous gigs:
- The Interval Takeover, The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol 2016
- Lattitude Festival, at the Forest Fringe tent, 2016
- Sanctum, Bristol, produced by Situations and MAYK, 2015
- Our house, April 2015

Also made appearances at Mary's 30th Birthday party and Viki's Heartbreak Hotel house party.

Photo: Lattitude Festival, Jemima Young.