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Whilst based at The Parlour Showrooms and co-managing the public gallery and events space with Alice Tatton Brown and Martha King I co-produced the In The City Series in partnership with Residence, Bristol City Council, Knowle West Media Centre, PLaCe, In Between Time, MAYK, You and Your Work and funded by Arts Council England.

In The City Series was a 6 month programme of live performance within The Parlour Showrooms. Each event in the series re-imagined the city through performance, exhibitions and talks that focused on one particular aspect/perspective/experience within the city: Making, Working, Beginning, Walking, Reading and Cycling.

Each event was captured on film by Robert Darch. Here, I have featured Walking In The City from September 2013 and Cycling In The City from December 2013.

In The City Series 3: WALKING in the city from The Showroom Projects on Vimeo.

In The City Series 6: CYCLING in the city.mp4 from The Showroom Projects on Vimeo.