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IN THE DARK is a small participatory performance in the dark for one person at a time into the generosity of dark places.

I began thinking about the dark when I read an article by Jeanette Winterson called ‘Why I adore the night’. This text changed my perception of the dark months of the year, and introduced darkness as a necessary element of life. Along with other texts, such as ‘Let there by Night: Testimony on behalf of the dark’ by Paul Bogard, this instigated a want to make performance work that presented the positive qualities of darkness, and its importance within our lives.

‘In the dark’ is a one-on-one performance that I created for a dark basement whilst on residency in Taiwan in 2017. It was my first attempt at translating some of the thoughts and experiences I have had about the dark into an experience to share with others. The performance was generated in one day, after spending several weeks in the dark, reading a brilliant text ‘In praise of shadows’ by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki, and within the context of staying with a generous family who welcomed me into an unknown place without shared language.

Made with thanks to Simat.

Blogpost on residency in Taiwan: No Clear Pathway - Notes on an artist residency in Taiwan.

Previous performances:
- Tapei Contemporary Arts Centre, as part of Tree Tree Tree Person Taroko Artist Residency and Artist Home Swap, Taiwan, August 2017.
- Ferment Fortnight, Bristol Old Vic, January 2018.

Image 1: Jack Offord, Image from work-in-progress showing at Ferment Fortnight 2018, Bristol Old Vic.