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SPEECHES TO THE CITY was a site specific new writing project that celebrated and provoked the act of speaking in public space, inspired by buskers, preachers and public speakers. Presented at the Bristol Art Weekender (2 – 4 May 2014) in partnerhsip with Arnolfini, The Bristol Museum and Spike Island. Speeches to the city programmed newly commissioned speeches by performance writers: Emma Bennett, Christopher Brett Bailey and Laura Burns.

Produced by Hannah Sullivan and Martha King.

Commissioned by Situations as part of the Bristol Art Weekender.

For more information on the speeches plus an audio recording of ‘Untitled’ by Emma Bennet visit:  www.speechestothecity.wordpress.com

Image: Laura Burns delivering her speech ‘The tongue that split the river’ outside Spike Island, Bristol, as part of Speeches to the city May 2014.