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In November 2014 I programmed and produced the Ausform Micro-Fest 2014 with the Ausform Team (Lina B Frank, Danny Prosser, Jojo Townsend, Jen Sherlock and Micheal Tew).

The Micro-fest was a three day burst of progressive performance across the city of Bristol featuring emerging european artists and work.

We presented a progressive dance double-bill, free site based one-on-one performance, new circus theatre, a collaboration between visual artists and chefs in a grand meal for 22 guests, a gift giving art party, artists landscape film and several talks under the theme of knowledge and exchange.

For more info on the artists programmed visit: https://ausformmicrofest.wordpress.com/

The event was captured with photography by Paul Samuel White and in film by Dan Narayanan of Synertree Creative Media and supported by Trinity Centre, Cafe Kino, St Nicholas Market, Extract Coffee, Bristol City Council and Arts Council England.

Ausform Micro-Fest 2014 from Ausform on Vimeo.

Thumbnail Image: THE ULTIMATE DANCER/Louise Ahl Credit: Paul Samuel White.

Slideshow features the wonderful work of The Social Muscle Club, Thom Scullion, Alexander Stevenson, Louise Ahl, Sabrina Shirazi, Alma Soderberg, Haworth and Hayhoe, Aaron Sparks and Eleanor Fogg. Credit: Paul Samuel White.