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THE ONLY WAY TO CONQUER THE HORIZON is a performance for a bus and a field about our relationship to landscape, be it fearful, conquering or comfortable.

Inspired by Gustavo Ciriaco’s DIY workshop ‘Where The Horizon Moves Me’. This performance is based on three ideas:

- That travellers used to blindfold themselves for fear of new vast landscapes (this was then extended into some text about the Wadi Mujib canyon in Jordan)

- The Only Way To Conquer The Horizon Is To Run Into It (a phrase written in my notebook whilst thinking about western movies and cowboys)

- The painting ‘Travelling Companions’ by Augustus Egg that has been in my living room for years.

These three ideas created a three phase performance that involved blindfolds, a sign, a tape player, a run, a dress, a painting, a book and little audience participation.

Commissioned for THE MAGIC BUS by A-Peg in November 2013, Bristol.

Photos in film by Katy Cassels