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WITH FORCE AND NOISE is a one woman monologue on anger delivered in a bespoke costume.

Written and Performed by Hannah Sullivan
Dramaturgy by Alice Tatton Brown
Costume Design by Annelies Henny
additional dramaturgical support from Lou Cope
Lighting design by Tom McDonagh

With Force and Noise was made using verbatim, automatic writing, embodied movement, costume design and informed by research into protest, punk and psychology. This process was inspired by the restoration of creative practices for political causes, that make visible or make heard: printing, textiles and music.

During this process accompanying bookwork ANGER was made in collaboration with illustrator Jo Waterhouse - visit Anger to see the book.

Script extract:





well-I-feel-like-there-were-some-moments-but-I-feel-like-I’ve-just-forgotten-them-now ///
maybe--I don’t know-I can’t quite recall anger.

^^I usually get angry at my brother, So I am just trying to remember if he did anything recently ///

but I don’t think so            It was good.

^OK SO^ What’s? Happened? ^MONDAY^ 




Ok, well, ^CHRISTMAS^ maybe...

               No                                             It was good.

So, December?


I-might-have-been-angry-when>>>..…but I was just annoyed, I wasn’t <angry> (facial expression/angry/).

I just felt like urrrrrrrrrrr (sigh) aNOYinG that there isn’t a system in .place. so that these things like this don’t .happen.

I didn’t feel like,
I didn’t feel like.
you know.... <ggrrrr> (growl)


^Well I did go to that protest^

but I remember feeling this kind of disbelief, just          this           disbelief            at the whole        situation.’


With Force and Noise (teaser) from hannah on Vimeo.


'A striking and distinctive work that left me fizzing with strong images and utterances' - Audience response

'Totally captivating and layered with abstract humanness' - Audience response

'I found it really affecting and surprising and absorbing. It felt massive at the same time as tiny; modest whilst being brave.' - Audience response

Featured in Exeunt Magazine most memorable regional theatre of 2017.
This was a piece whose greatest strengths of slowness and quietness might seem at odds with its topic, perhaps the loudest of emotions, anger. But it is the work’s unusual approach which makes this piece so beautiful. It is made up of distinct sections, each with a different form, ranging from contained movement to freewriting to a song constantly climbing up keys until it is almost painful to listen to. The show’s seeming simplicity comes from its absolute commitment to each approach, which can be seen as much in the costume – thoroughly and intricately embroidered – as in each painstakingly slow step Sullivan takes towards the audience in the opening. This show is anger in all its visceral moments and practical outcomes – both the anger that paralyses and that which spurs to action – and its beauty comes from the way it dissects anger, lays out all its organs for display, without offering any conclusions.’ (Lilith Wozniack)

Previous Performances:
April 17: Buzzcut, Glasgow, UK
Feb 17: In Between Time, Bristol, UK
Feb 18: Quarter Block Party, Cork, Ireland
Feb 18: Profound Sound, Folkestone, UK

In development performances presented at Shoreditch Town Hall, Camden Peoples Theatre, Flare Festival and Bristol Ferment.

Made with support by Bristol Ferment, ICIA Bath, The Solo Contemporary Performance Forum, Shoreditch Town Hall and Arts Council England

A New Blood Artist 2017, presented in partnership by In Between Time, Leeds Beckett University, University of Chichester and the University of The West of England.

Images: Torso and Portrait by Sean Clark, Back by Jack Offord.