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WITNESS THIS is a radical banner making workshop for the raging or the miffed.

Anger is imaginative and a banner is a visible expansion. This workshop combines these two ideas to generate personal banners that create an angry public parade.

Inspired by the process of costume design for performance on anger ‘With Force and Noise’. The workshop leads participants through free writing exercises to stimulate visuals based on the emotion of anger, and then gives them the resources and support to work these into abstract banners. The workshop ends with a parade of the banners around the local area of the workshop base.

The workshop is based in the resourcefulness of protest design, using discarded fabrics, and will encourage inclusion of noise making within the banners. The workshop uses applique as a fast and accessible making process and the group will be encouraged to work quickly, follow instincts, and to use the workshop as a place of experimentation.

Previous workshops:
3rd February 2018: Quarter Block Party, Cork